20 shortcuts Windows :)

[Ctrl] + [C] Copy a selected item
[Ctrl] + [X] Cut a selected item
[Ctrl] + [V] Paste a selected item
[Ctrl] + [Z] Undo an action
[Ctrl] + [Y] Redo that thing I just undid
[Ctrl] + [A] Select everything
[Ctrl] + [P] Print
[Alt] + [Tab] Switch between open windows
[Windows-logo-key] + [D] Clear away everything and show the desktop
[Ctrl] + [Shift] + [Esc] Open Task Manager
[Windows logo key] + [L] Lock your PC or switch users
[Windows logo key] + [P] Choose a presentation display mode
[Windows logo key] + [Plus Sign] or + [Minus Sign] Zoom in, zoom out

[Windows logo key] + [F] Search for files and folders

[Windows logo key] + [Shift] + [Click a taskbar icon]
Open a new instance of a program

[Windows logo key] + [F1] Get help

[Windows logo key] + [Down Arrow] Minimize the window

[Windows logo key] + [Up Arrow] Maximize the window

[Windows logo key] + [Left Arrow] or [Right Arrow] Compare and contrast in a snap

[Windows logo key] + [Shift] + [Right Arrow] or [Left Arrow] Move program betwen two multiple monitors

SORUCE : http://windows.microsoft.com

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