Utility from Windows Server 2003 Resource Kit Tools


The fol­low­ing tools are provided:
Acctinfo.dll (doc­u­ment­ed in Readme.htm)
Adlb.exe: Active Direc­to­ry Load Bal­anc­ing Tool
Admx.msi: ADM File Parser
Atmarp.exe: Win­dows ATM ARP Serv­er Infor­ma­tion Tool
Atmlane.exe: Win­dows ATM LAN Emu­la­tion Client Information
Autoexnt.exe: AutoExNT Service
Cdburn.exe: ISO CD-ROM Burn­er Tool
Checkrepl.vbs: Check Replication
Chklnks.exe: Link Check Wizard
Chknic.exe: Net­work Inter­face Card Com­pli­ance Tool for Net­work Load Balancing
Cleanspl.exe: Spool­er Cleaner
Clearmem.exe: Clear Memory
Clusdiag.msi: Clus­ter Diag­nos­tics and Ver­i­fi­ca­tion Tool
Clusfileport.dll: Clus­ter Print File Port
Clusterrecovery.exe: Serv­er Clus­ter Recov­ery Utility
Cmdhere.inf: Com­mand Here
Cmgetcer.dll: Con­nec­tion Man­ag­er Cer­tifi­cate Deploy­ment Tool
Compress.exe: Com­press Files
Confdisk.exe: Disk Con­fig­u­ra­tion Tool
Consume.exe: Mem­o­ry Con­sumers Tool
Creatfil.exe: Cre­ate File
Csccmd.exe: Client-Side Caching Com­mand-Line Options
Custreasonedit.exe: Cus­tom Rea­son Edi­tor (doc­u­ment­ed in Readme.htm)
Delprof.exe: User Pro­file Dele­tion Utility
Dh.exe: Dis­play Heap
Diskraid.exe: RAID Con­fig­u­ra­tion Tool
Diskuse.exe: User Disk Usage Tool
Dnsdiag.exe: SMTP DNS Diag­nos­tic Tool (doc­u­ment­ed in Readme.htm)
Dumpfsmos.cmd: Dump FSMO Roles
Dvdburn.exe: ISO DVD Burn­er Tool
Empty.exe: Free Work­ing Set Tool
Eventcombmt.exe: Check Replication
Fcopy.exe: File Copy Util­i­ty for Mes­sage Queuing
Getcm.exe: Con­nec­tion Man­ag­er Pro­file Update
Gpmonitor.exe: Group Pol­i­cy Monitor
Gpotool.exe: Group Pol­i­cy Objects
Hlscan.exe: Hard Link Dis­play Tool
Ifilttst.exe: IFil­ter Test Suite
Ifmember.exe: User Mem­ber­ship Tool
Inetesc.adm: Inter­net Explor­er Enhanced Secu­ri­ty Configuration
Iniman.exe: Ini­tial­iza­tion Files Manip­u­la­tion Tool
Instcm.exe: Install Con­nec­tion Man­ag­er Profile
Instsrv.exe: Ser­vice Installer
Intfiltr.exe: Inter­rupt Affin­i­ty Tool
Kerbtray.exe: Ker­beros Tray
Kernrate.exe: Ker­nel Pro­fil­ing Tool
Klist.exe: Ker­beros List
Krt.exe: Cer­ti­fi­ca­tion Author­i­ty Key Recovery
Lbridge.cmd: L‑Bridge
Linkspeed.exe: Link Speed
List.exe: List Text File Tool
Lockoutstatus.exe: Account Lock­out Sta­tus (doc­u­ment­ed in Readme.htm)
Lsreport.exe: Ter­mi­nal Ser­vices Licens­ing Reporter
Lsview.exe: Ter­mi­nal Ser­vices License Serv­er Viewer
Mcast.exe: Mul­ti­cast Pack­et Tool
Memmonitor.exe: Mem­o­ry Monitor
Memtriage.exe: Resource Leak Triage Tool
Mibcc.exe: SNMP MIB Compiler
Moveuser.exe: Move Users
Mscep.dll: Cer­tifi­cate Ser­vices Add-on for Sim­ple Cer­tifi­cate Enroll­ment Protocol
Nlsinfo.exe: Locale Infor­ma­tion Tool
Now.exe: STDOUT Cur­rent Date and Time
Ntimer.exe: Win­dows Pro­gram Timer
Oh.exe: Open Handles
Oleview.exe: OLE/COM Object Viewer
Pathman.exe: Path Manager
Permcopy.exe: Share Per­mis­sions Copy
Perms.exe: User File Per­mis­sions Tool
Pfmon.exe: Page Fault Monitor
Pkiview.msc: PKI Health Tool
Pmon.exe: Process Resource Monitor
Printdriverinfo.exe: Dri­vers Source
Prnadmin.dll: Print­er Admin­is­tra­tion Objects
Qtcp.exe: QoS Time Stamp
Queryad.vbs: Query Active Directory
Rassrvmon.exe: RAS Serv­er Monitor
Rcontrolad.exe: Active Direc­to­ry Remote Con­trol Add-On
Regini.exe: Reg­istry Change by Script
Regview.exe (doc­u­ment­ed in Readme.htm)
Remapkey.exe: Remap Win­dows Key­board Layout
Robocopy.exe: Robust File Copy Utility
Rpccfg.exe: RPC Con­fig­u­ra­tion Tool
RPing: RPC Con­nec­tiv­i­ty Ver­i­fi­ca­tion Tool
Rqc.exe: Remote Access Quar­an­tine Client
Rqs.exe: Remote Access Quar­an­tine Agent
Setprinter.exe: Spool­er Con­fig­u­ra­tion Tool
Showperf.exe: Per­for­mance Data Block Dump Utility
Showpriv.exe: Show Privilege
Sleep.exe: Batch File Wait
Sonar.exe: FRS Sta­tus Viewer
Splinfo.exe: Print Spool­er Information
Srvany.exe: Appli­ca­tions as Ser­vices Utility
Srvcheck.exe: Serv­er Share Check
Srvinfo.exe: Remote Serv­er Information
Srvmgr.exe: Serv­er Manager
Ssdformat.exe: Sys­tem State Data Formatter
Tcmon.exe: Traf­fic Con­trol Monitor
Timeit.exe (doc­u­ment­ed in Readme.htm)
Timezone.exe: Day­light Sav­ing Time Update Utility
Tsctst.exe: Ter­mi­nal Serv­er Client License Dump Tool
Tsscalling.exe: Ter­mi­nal Ser­vices Scal­a­bil­i­ty Plan­ning Tools
Uddicatschemeeditor.exe: UDDI Ser­vices Cat­e­go­riza­tion Scheme Editor
Uddiconfig.exe: UDDI Ser­vices Com­mand-line Con­fig­u­ra­tion Utility
Uddidataexport.exe: UDDI Data Export Wizard
Usrmgr.exe: User Man­ag­er for Domains
Vadump.exe: Vir­tu­al Address Dump
Vfi.exe: Visu­al File Information
Volperf.exe: Shad­ow Copy Per­for­mance Counters
Volrest.exe: Shad­ow Copies for Shared Fold­ers Restore Tool
Vrfydsk.exe: Ver­i­fy Disk
Winexit.scr: Win­dows Exit Screen Saver
Winhttpcertcfg.exe: Win­HTTP Cer­tifi­cate Con­fig­u­ra­tion Tool
Winhttptracecfg.exe: Win­HTTP Trac­ing Facil­i­ty Con­fig­u­ra­tion Tool
Winpolicies.exe: Pol­i­cy Spy
Wins.dll: WINS Repli­ca­tion Net­work Mon­i­tor Parser
Wlbs_hb.dll & Wlbs_rc.dll: Win­dows Load Bal­anc­ing Serv­er Net­work Mon­i­tor Parsers

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